Why Wasn’t I Born Rich?


Thanks to my obsession with my daughter’s upcoming wedding, I’ll be lucky if I can limit my blogs to one daily musing. I’m still vacillating between playing “Let’s have a wedding” and understanding “OMG! This is the real thing!” 

We recently had our first floral consultation. If I wasn’t creative – and beyond excited about the whole event – it could have been overwhelming. Although I have myriad failings, a lack of creativity isn’t one of them and it’s old news that I have a serious case of wedding lust. The designer was experienced, understood our vision and offered us loads of options. Our excitement mounted as we realized that no dream need be left unfulfilled. All it takes is money; lots and LOTS of it.

A few days later we received the proposal. I can’t say I was really surprised, but I was definitely nauseous. After tallying up the cost of our dreams I sent my Creativity to “time-out”, where it will stay until it can play nicely with Practicality.

We’re scheduled to meet with two more florists and I bet we won’t approach those with the same “Oooh, we want roses and orchids and petals and tons and tons of candles and crystals and . . . ” Although Creativity is still resting in time-out, she did offer a suggestion, “Maybe you’ll find buried treasure!” Hmmm, better get out the shovel.