Saddle Up!


Along with her passion for everything bridal, Nancy has loved horses since she was a child – and she’s not alone. Unfortunately for many horse-enthusiasts, this hobby requires knowledge, bravery, time, determination and plenty of cash. She had just about given up hope of ever satisfying her equine dreams when fate took pity on her in the form of her daughter. Happily, Sara had developed her own adolescent obsession for this beautiful animal.

Since riding lessons were no more expensive than ballet or gymnastic classes, Nancy and her husband were able to indulge their daughter’s yearnings. The moment she stepped into her first riding stable, sniffed the air, touched a velvety nose, Nancy was instantly and irrevocably hooked. Determination and an overwhelming love for horses helped her conquer her cowardice and lack of coordination. Over the years, she went from rank beginner to accomplished professional and owner of her own personal herd of five.

Having found such joy in this venture, Nancy has written Saddle Up! to enable the newest generation of horse-lovers to embrace their passion. Publishing Works, Inc. will be releasing this book as well. Nancy’s herd members help illustrate the techniques needed to safely pursue this hobby and educate the reader about choosing his or her own perfect horse. A great partnership comes from matching the size, talents and temperament of both horse and rider.

Nancy’s unquenchable sense of humor has helped her survive horse and bridal traumas as well as all those motherhood highs and lows. Saddle Up! will inspire, educate and leave the reader laughing!