Nancy Di Fabbio

Beautiful Beau Geste and me having a snuggle





Nancy Di Fabbio spent three decades designing and creating bridal gowns for hundreds of women. During those happy years, she encountered every possible dilemma known to womankind, some as serious as the death of a parent, while others were as inconsequential as an off-white shoe that “clashed” with the silk-white of her gown. The majority of these traumas involved unexpected weight gain, uncooperative bridesmaids, controlling relatives, runaway budgets and random emotional breakdowns brought on by the stress of planning this awesome event. Hoping to alleviate the stress of the newest generation of brides-to-be, Nancy has written Quest for the Dress: Finding your Dream Gown without Losing your Sanity, your Friends or your Groom (Publishing Works, Inc.), scheduled for release February 14, 2011.

As much as she enjoyed creating these memorable gowns, Nancy never lost hope of embracing her childhood passion for horses. When her daughter entered her own horse-crazy phase, Nancy joined in, progressing from petrified rookie to competent professional, eventually acquiring her own herd of five. Eager to share her hard-won skills, she has written a humorous and comprehensive guide to benefit both the budding equestrian and seasoned rider alike. Saddle Up! And Live Your Dream is scheduled for release 2012. With the help of her horses, she also writes “Tales from the NEIGH-borhood”, an entertaining children’s column, for several local papers and hopes to continue to broaden her readership.

She has recently completed her first work of fiction, a chilling middle-grade novel entitled, Midnight Magic: Be Careful What You Wish For! Mattie’s discovery of the primitive painting of a beautiful black horse takes the reader on an exciting journey through the supernatural.

Nancy lives with her family and four horses in rural Connecticut and is currently writing the companion book to Quest for the Dress.